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Beloved Seeker on the path,
Here you will find playful Meditation techniques.
Love, Light, and Blessings for
living life consciously and intelligently
with a very delighted heart.

meditative intelligence

centered and grounded

Imagine a beautiful highway and no traffic.
Movement is smooth, with less traffic or no traffic.
The mind has nonstop traffic of thoughts and dreams.
These thoughts and dreams take our attention outside.
As the direction of the attention turns inwards,
the traffic of the mind becomes less congested
and awareness of pure consciousness blossoms within.
Meditation is the art of parking the mind and
Begin an adventure of self-discovery.

inner cosmos meditation

Creating a Healing Meditation Space

Wonderful to create a space where you can meditate everyday
the same time and the same meditation technique.
This is a time "Just for you."

Leave your mind with your shoes outside,
Welcome to a meditation healing space.
Relax your body and refer to the meditation instructions below.
Let's meditate.

meditation healing space

healing meditation

Life is beautiful

It can be enjoyed only with the attitude of celebration.
All else is a drag.

Drag means:
Born in 1970
Died in 1990
Buried in 2065.

Let your life be integrated at the center of the celebration.
Only choose that which is celebrating, joyous.
If you can go on dropping all that is non-celebrative, serious,
You will be moving in the right direction.
Cultivate all that brings joy and celebration – at all levels.
Physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, occupational.
If only the body dances, it is happiness; something is missing in it.
If only the soul dances then it is very subtle,
abstract, not of the earth.
It has wings but no roots; again, something is missing.
Between the two is the bridge of the mind.
The mind can divide the two; it can also unite the two.
When the mind divides, it is called division.
When it unites, it is called meditation.
And when all the three –
Mind, body and soul dance blissfully together,
As if they are one - that is a celebration.

So let this be your criterion.
Whenever the question arises of what has to be done,
This has to be the criterion:
If it brings joy, do it.
And whatsoever brings joy to you will bring joy to others too.
Sometimes it may not be very apparent,
But this is the fundamental law:
That which brings joy to you is bound to bring joy to everybody,
And that which brings misery to you is bound to create pain for others, sooner or later.
There is no other service.
All that goes on in the name of duty is ugly.
Duty is a dirty four-letter word; avoid it!
Do things out of joy but never out of duty.

Celebration means expansion.
When somebody is celebrating,
Energy starts moving in ripples and can spread all over existence.
Expanding energy can feel moons and stars and suns within itself,
The whole universe within oneself.

The only one who is innocent enough to celebrate small things of life
can understand that life exists.
Because life exists in small things:
The food you eat,
The walk that you go for in the morning.
The love that you have for your beloved,
The friendship that you have with somebody,
Moments when you start falling into sleep,
When you start rising early in the morning.
Life exists in such small things.

Don’t miss a single opportunity of saying yes to life.
When you say yes, say it with grand celebration and joy.
The celebration has to become your religion.
Misery is a sin.
Sadness and seriousness are companions of misery.
Joy is a virtue,
And all that helps joy should be nourished, cherished, invited.
Continue to meditate, and continue to dance and sing.
See life in as many ways as possible, in all its colors’.
Celebrating, you come closer and closer to the heart of reality.
The moment you stop celebrating, you are cut, disconnected.
The celebration is the bridge.
When you dance, it is not only you who is dancing;
The whole existence is dancing with you –
The earth and the sun and the moon and the stars.
It is a celebrating existence.
It is continuously dancing.

Life is beautiful.
Divine is hidden everywhere and in millions of ways.
The celebration is already happening.
The invitation has been given to you – Participate.
Unless your life can become a celebration,
a tremendous joy, don’t be satisfied, don’t be contented.
Go on searching:
There must be some method,
There must be some way where you can lose yourself completely,
Madly, in ecstasy.

The world is in a celebration.
You can stand by the side.
You can remain just a spectator.
You are invited to become a participant.

Be happy, so that you only attract happy people.
Happiness protects.

light attracts luck

More Inner Cosmos Meditations

Inner Cosmos energy healing in Los Angeles Energy Medicine that awakens the Natural Healing Light within you
An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health

healing light

Darkness in life disappears as the Healing Light appears

The power of healing is within you.
All that a healer can do is to remove the blocks and
clear cluttered energy clouds from the aura energy body,
so the energy of healing starts flowing.

love truth heart frozen

When the healer has stepped out from his ego,
and the seeker has stepped out from challenges and pain,
when the healer sees no seperation,
as if the other is an extention of me,
a heart full of love holding this vision of oneness
a healing space is created,
and in this healing space,
there is a harmonious energy transmission,
a dialogue happens in the silence between the healer and the seeker of health,
at that moment, between the two, healing occurs.
And if it happens, the healer will always know that
he was available only as a catalyst guide to channel a divine force,
receiving energy and information from other dimensions
for divine healing.
The healer will be as grateful for the experience as the seeker of health.

heart like sun

Healing happens in the presence of a healer

To be a healer is one of the most challenging things.
Because you need to know all the tools and the techniques,
when to use them and when not to use them and
in a way forget all the tools and techniques,
so that you can listen sincerely.
Entirely being in the present with sincere attention and intention
listening to the spoken words and the unspoken words, the gestures and
guided by the energy of the space between you and the client.
In this space, there are moments
when the patient/client also listens to his/her inner voice.
In these dynamics of hearing,
the presence of a healer, the aura, the inner light
guidance comes through, and healing happens.

I'm sometimes in tears with gratitude for
what you have given me in my life when I realize
that those seeds you planted actually do grow and
change my life forever.......”
Marta Kristi

Chakras are your doors and windows to the universe.
As the petals of your chakras open gracefully,
the love and the light of the universe flow into your life.
Where you experience -
You are a part of this universe.
You are connected.
This connection is magic.

This connection makes you
An excellent receiver of good quality positive energy of the universe.
To receive, two conditions need to be fulfilled.
a. Your cup is clean and empty
b. Your container is in a receiving position.

chakra cleansing

Everybody wants big things in their life,
better relationships, more money, more time, more freedom etc.
Authentic seekers do not run after these things.
An authentic seeker asks one question -
How can I be a clean vessel to hold good energy?
How can I be a more significant and a better vessel to receive good energy?
The universe will go out of its way to fill your clean cup...
if you are in a receiving mode.

being present

Become an excellent receiver doing
energy cleansing and balancing at nine levels:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Financial,
Occupational, Psychic and Karmic.

Energy healing empowers you from the inside out
to playfully and blissfully create everything you need and desire.

“One of my experiences I had with Satish
came at a time when I had lost my father.
I felt emotionally and spiritually congested, and no way for release.
I had felt that something in the passing of him was still weighed me down.
I had come to terms with his passing due to his suffering and
was grateful he no longer was in that state.
I was fortunate that I had spent a lot of time with him and saying goodbye.
I had seen a therapist for emotional work,
but I needed something to help me with the spiritual part of me
that is deep inside one's soul.
When the session began, I was honestly, a bit skeptical.
I felt so much at ease as we sat and drank tea,
and discussed my feelings.
Then we started what I'd call a meditation session.
What happened during the session was
such a powerful and emotional learning revelation.
Once I was out of what I'll call a deep meditation,
I felt relaxed, refreshed and so much at peace.
It was quite a spiritual journey and one I'll never forget.
I liked being able to discuss with Satish what had happened,
things that I saw, emotional outpouring and
the understanding I received through this process.
It was like a puzzle that had been put together.
I felt very much at peace.
That was just one experience, but one closest to my heart.
I had wonderful experiences with our sessions.”
Mitch Leverton, Manager @ Clothing Store, Valencia, CA

Energy healing will show you how you can
fulfill your most treasured goals and desires.
Not by making window-dressing changes,
but by connecting with your core being.

How do I find the right healer?

There are no right healers or wrong healers.
However, there are healers and technicians.
Technicians are those who have learned a few techniques in some weekend class
or have read a book or something similar and apply the techniques.
The right techniques can certainly help a client feel good.
A true healer is very different from a technician.
If you simply want to feel good, any technician will do.
If you want to experience transformation, you'll have to find a true healer.
In fact, when you experience that humbleness -
and you are open and ready to ask for help,
then a true healer appears in your life.

“The aha moment...
Information sublimes to wisdom!
Matter sublimes to light!!
Gravity sublimes to levity!!!
and suddenly...
The wings remembered.”
Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

Problems are simple.
Solutions are simple.

“Satish is the earthly embodiment of a deity,
the most kind hearted, considerate and caring man.
Meeting him 13 years ago changed my life in the most profound way.
We have had many sessions together,
each one amazing and transformative,
with something different to deal with/life issues that
needed advice, support, and guidance.
In these sessions, Satish would not finish until everything was resolved,
working late into the evening, such is his commitment.
I have also attended several of his week-long classes
which have accelerated my growth and taught me so many new skills and
ways to live my life peacefully and with grace.
After all our work and years together
I consider Satish a close friend as well as my greatest teacher,
we have shared so many chapters and
known each other in a variety of circumstances.
I feel sad remembering how bad my life was when we first met.
I am now happily married to my soul mate,
we have a beautiful 8-month-old daughter.
I live a blissful life with joy and peace in my heart,
blessed with good health and abundance in all areas.
There is no void or lack. Satish is the reason why.
If you are reading this it might be because
things aren’t going so well for you in your life,
it’s ok, we’ve all been there, you will get through it.
If you were my friend I would hold your hand and
take you to see Satish
but seeing as we haven’t met yet
all I can hope is that my words will inspire you.
I truly hope your journey brings you to him,
it will be the greatest blessing of your life.”

Angela Oakenfold

Just one has to get out of the mind to see this simplicity.
And then whatever is done by a healer,
in silence, in peace, in love, in joy, will be medicinal,
will be a soothing sharing of well-being and health.
Healer's presence is a healing force like a candle in the darkness.
An experience that will touch your soul.


Master Healer and NLP Practitioner Satish

“I will hold the first three fingers of your right hand and
in 3 minutes tell you the blueprint of your energies...
Your blocks ... What stops you ... What will help ... and more.
Bring your questions
Why? When? What? Where? Who? How...
And receive chakra energy healing to help you
align with your highest potential.”

it's never as you think

Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

If you want your tomorrows to be different than yesterdays,
Do something different Today.
Take a step towards your Next Level

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