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"The class fell in perfect timing with my hectic schedule, which I truly believe was meant to be for me. My fiancée and I were either going on a vacation to Hawaii, or I was going to take this rare time off and do this course. After much little thought I choose to take the class. It is hands down the best gift and vacation I would have ever taken or given myself. There's really no words to explain how amazing Satish's teachings are. He is the most beautiful, kind, generous, hilarious and just plain goofy person U will ever come across on this planet. I feel blessed he moved to California from India to help heal the world, and I am so lucky I landed in his presence. One look into his loving eyes and you will know he is on the path of love. His destiny is to serve and heal and that he does with the most open heart.


You wouldn't believe that for the whole 7 days 9 - 6, he has nothing planned. He is an ocean of knowledge, and he makes it so easy to understand and integrate into your everyday life. He is a miracle, his teachings are gems and the class will change your life. It has changed mine forever.


You truly can't get enough of this class or enough of Satish's energy. I could easily come for 7 more days and would gladly do so.


He promised me I would never be the same, and I'm not.

I'm better.


I'm forever grateful of the class and Satish!!"


XO, Taryn Manning

Singer / Actor / Song writer / Clothing Designer


Amazing, astounding, inspiring! When I signed up for the course, I did not know what to expect. Now after 7 days of intensive work, I can wholeheartedly say : Coming here was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've met an extraordinary healer who is amazingly compassionate and one of the few people I would really call a spiritual teacher. I've spent some of  the best days of my life here with wonderful people and received so much food for brain, heart and soul. It's nothing less than breathtaking. If you want the real deal in meditation, spirituality and compassionate inner work - Go to Satish!


Olf Stoiber, Hypnotherapist, Germany


I loved it a lot! It was a first time for me to do a 7 day class. It was very powerful. It did change me. I feel my anxiety disappeared, stress left me. I'm very calm, peaceful and happy. I learn't a lot even on intellectual level also. I really enjoyed the class.


Julia Vassina, Hypnotherapist

"Satish opened my eyes, my heart, my soul and taught me how to trust myself again. I have so much gratitude and faith in Satish and his gifts, a true master. My experience has been truly life changing forever. My life will always be full of light because now I have the tools to find 'it'.

Many many blessings and Thanks."

Love, Patricia Taylor

Actor / Writer


"Everyone's path is unique, so is every person.

...A new journey just began for me.


Thank you Satish SO much!!!

It's a blessing to be around you."


Natalia Koltsova

Sales, Clothing


"Dearest Satish,


Thank you from the depth of my heart

for the abundance I'll now know...

for the light that I'll have found

through the beauty that you radiate...


The flow and dance and poetry of these seven magical days

have given me the open doors and spaces to

Create the warrior of love,

The Goddess and the Lioness

with the powers of earth, air, water and fire...


You have showed me the path and

I am no longer a floating sleeping leaf.

I am now the most magnificent Tree of Love and Light,

with the depth of the sea in my new found wisdom,

fire in my eyes and belly and real angel wings to fly.


Now I am in the ecstasy of celebration

dancing finally the goddess dance

sparkling with gold from our rising sun and

the music bringing me into overflowing.


Finally I have been reborn into divinity through

your miraculous healing powers into endless capacities filled to overflow with light and love

filling the whole universe expanded like never before, forever..."


With deepest love and gratitude,

Alena Romanov, Healer / Hypnotherapist

"I cannot thank you enough for the 7 day intensive. I think the greatest thing I took from it was nothingness. I realize for the divine to fill me I need to be empty. Just keeping my mind clear and concentrating on my breath, God can work through me. That was the AHA moment for me. Your class was an amazing first step in my journey to become a great healer. I was so excited when I told you I wanted to heal like Jesus and you made me feel it was possible. I have to say after class was over I feel a little void in my life. Having you guide us in our journey was priceless. God has only blessed me with knowing you!"

Love, James D

Healer - Massage Therapist

"Thank you for the wonderful class, which, by the way, I never wanted to end. It has given me tremendous clarity into who I am and who I can be and how easy it really is to get there. I employ the processes that I learned in class everyday and it has been truly transformational. Because of the grounding exercises which you taught us, I am a whole lot calmer, more confident and personable. I am able to relate to people in an unprejudiced manner. I also find that obstacles are already being cleared without any effort on my part and I believe that it is because I am in alignment and am connecting with my spirit guides. I realize now that I have developed an unshakeable faith in the goodness and nurturing quality of the universe and I see how easy it is to tap into it.

Thank you for opening my eyes and for all the wonderful transformations in my life that your class helped bring about."

SJ, Software Engineer

Thank you for enabling me to hear the music in my heart. It was a magical seven days. Thank you for everything.

Love, Anna

Acupuncturist - Healer - Massage Therapist


"Satish, the 7 day class was simply amazing... I have to say that at first 7 days seemed like a lot, but it just flew by. I wish we could do another 7!


I experienced "shifts" and healing in myself with a new deeper understanding that I will take with me in everything I do. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the opportunity to do this kind of work. You are a wonderful teacher and guide! Truly blessed to have found you."


Keli Squires Taylor, Photographer

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